Why Non Woven Packaging Bags are the Perfect Substitutes to Plastics?

The role of conventional plastics in catastrophic climate change is not unknown anymore. Living in denial and continuing the extensive use of plastics is no longer an option. Although the entire corporate world got saved economically with the invention of plastic only a mere century ago, its usage now has simply blown out of proportion. There is too much plastic in the world and people don’t know how to manage it.  It’s time that we look at substitutes, perfect replacements to plastics without any drastic financial repercussions.
The main source of plastic wastage happens in the form of shopping bags and packing materials. Both these applications can be served by the modern day ecofriendly non woven packaging bags. The advantages of this material stand out and are, at times, better than conventional plastics.
How a non woven box bag can substitute plastics?
Let’s have a quick look at why plastic gained this much prominence all around the world. It is cheap to produce and sell. It is highly…

Top 5 Benefits of Using Non Woven Fabric

Recently, it was reported that a plastic bag was found floating deep inside the Arctic Ocean, in an area that seldom receives any human visitors. Every day, scenes come in from different parts where aquatic animals emerge dead due to large amounts of plastic consumption. Yet, the world continues to produce almost 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which are single-use and find their way to the oceans from whereon, take over 450 years to completely decompose.

Thus, while talking about the top 5 benefits of non woven fabric in the current world, the advantage to the environment is the most outright one, and so let’s start this list with that. Eco-friendlyPP non woven fabric is perfect substitutes to the plastic materials that are currently in use. They are 100% recyclable, incinerate with zero toxic emissions and is definitely biodegradable. Such properties make it perfect for single-use products and medical industries where waste generation is generally high. DurableMade up o…